Beaches usually mean sand, but not always. However, there is some unique beauty in the form of pebble beaches. Most of Hydra’s beaches have pebbles and there are really beautiful. As for the water is crystal clear and with very nice colors. Hydra has beautiful spots to enjoy the sea, sun and charm of the island.  The “sand” on these beaches is not smooth and fine, but rather bumpy.

The beaches on Hydra are enough, but accessible for most visitors, however few. And this because of the specificity of the island and the lack of cars.

Hydra beaches (see the map) accessed on foot or by a sea transport. So a good idea would be to rent a house in the port of Hydra. You can choose any of the routeing boats are in the harbor in front of Miaouli Street. Every boat have signs with images to inform visitors for their destination.

Otherwise you can be moved by water taxi. The taxi stand is in front of the Alpha Bank. The cost of the taxi is the same for either one or eight persons.

On nearby beaches like Kamini, Vlychos, Plakes Vlychos and Mandraki routes operated until late in the afternoon (for more information, ask the captain), while for the two farest beaches Bisti and Agios Nikolaos itineraries are specific and you can see them in the signs hanging on the boat.


  • Spilia – Hydronetta

It is the one of the two sides of the harbor of Hydra (point A on the map). At this point there is a natural cave from which the area takes its name. It is very close to the town (just 2-3 minutes walk). It is a rock formation where a number of them are covered with cement to enable to everyone to enjoy the sun. In the area there are two cafes (Spilia and Hydronetta). So you choose to lie in the free part – since it is the ideal place for sunbathing – or enjoy your coffee or your cocktail in the shade, under an umbrella of cafés, combining with diving in the beautiful clear waters of Hydra. Here, access to water is a splash and exit with the stairs which is fixed to the rocks. Perfect place for short refreshing breaths next to country.


  • Avlaki

Avlaki is a small beach with turquoise waters and pebbles (point B on the map). It is located about 6-7 minutes walk from the port. Is a small bay with beautiful waters and the wild beauty of a part that has not been developed for tourism. You will enjoy a pine place and there is a pier for sunbathing.
Walking along the coast road to Kamini, we find the groove on your right hand. To get to the beach need to go down quite a few steps. At the point where we descend the stairs a café – restaurant (techne restaurant) where you can buy ice cream, coffee, water or anymore another drink.

  • Kamini

The Kamini beach is about 15-20 minutes walk from the town. It’s a nice coastal route. You and return to the port from the upper side of the city as an alternative route to wander among the beautiful mansions of the island. There is always the option of access to the area by boat or water taxi.

The small furnace as the locals call it is a beach with small pebbles and beautiful waters. Located near the picturesque harbor of Kamini and provides opportunity for coffee, drink, food and umbrellas and sun beds in the wonderful Castello, a restored old building on the beach.

  • Vlychos

The next in line on the map, beach (point D), is within walking distance (the sea-side walk or the mountain walk) or by sea (by taxi or routeing boat). The beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. You can find there bars and snack cafe as taverns with fresh fish and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Plakes Vlychos

The Plakes are about 40-45 minutes walk from Hydra and just 10 minutes by boat or taxi from the port (point E). It is an organized pebbled beach with crystal clear waters. There you will find a tavern overlooking the beautiful sea.

  • Bisti (st. George)

Bisti or Saint George (point F) is a pine-covered area with blue crystal waters. Access is only possible with the routeing boats from the port or by water taxi. The beach is organized and offers incredible beauty. Dominates the green, so the pine trees that surround it, and the waters that have a particular turquoise color. The place is suitable for diving from the rocks and much more.
Right next to Bisti is thesmall beach of St. George. Above the beach is the chapel of which was given the name of the beach.

  • Saint Nicholas

A big beautiful bay with blue water (map point G). The beach is organized and there are daily connections to it. It is about 25-30 minutes by speedboat and located after the Bisti. The beach is located at the southern point of Hydra and the name given by the chapel of St. Nicholas, which is up there in a prominent position. The beach is organized with small pebbles. There is also a beach-bar with refreshing drinks and snacks. A part of the beach is sandy, so that they can play small children.

One can enjoy both beaches and Bisti and Agios Nikolaos in the same day. You can ask the captain and arrange the transfer of the intermediate routes.

  • Mandraki

Finally there is a beach located on the right side of the harbor, in Mandraki area (point H). There is a tourist facility in Mandraki Hydra Resort. One of the few sandy beaches in Hydra, open to visitors, organized and incredible natural beauty. One can go to the beach walk about 20-25 minutes walking or by water taxi from the harbor.

The beaches that the only way to visit is the private boat will be mentioned below.
These are:

Palamida (with sand and small pebbles)

St. Cyprian Beach (with its turquoise waters)

Molos (closed and quiet rocky bay with a large beach and pebbles)

Kaoumithi (pine trees with sandy beach)

Bali or Pigadakia (with pebbles and hot water, forming a small port)

Nisiza (area with two pebble beaches in a bay surrounded by green pines)

Klimaki (large pebble beach and sparkling waters)

Limnioniza (pebble beach is ideal for snorkeling)


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