Certificate Number: 0012282017

Accommodation Type: FURNISHED FURNISHED ROOMS – APARTMENTS Distinguished Accommodation Title: – Nr. MITE: 0262Κ112Κ0207300 Mailing Address: 18040 MUNICIPALITY OF HYDRA Company Name: Kirki Hydra
The above hotel accommodation is classified according to the provisions of Legislative Decree No 21185/2014 (Government Gazette B ‘2840) and 91/2015 (Government Gazette B’ 69) as applicable, in the category: 2 keys
This classification certificate is issued in accordance with the Minister of Tourism’s decision No. 219/2015 (Government Gazette B 14), based on the technical report of the accredited inspection and inspection body under the name of BQC IKE on 24/7/2017.
Date of Ranking: 14/8/2017 Athens 14/8/2017
XEE Expiry date: 14/8/2022