A perfect place to run in mountains.

Conducting trail running races in Hydra is one of the most beautiful events. As performed in a very beautiful natural environment offering direct contact with nature. It lasts two days and from the very first year that took place conquered fans of the sport. In the area of mountain running introduced the Hydra’s TrailE. Event and made in April.
A specific route is aimed at athletes, another aimed at the whole world participate and another scheduled especially for the little ones.One race named “Eros mountain trail” is a 25,6 Km route with a 1.100m increasing altitude. Is the only downhill race in Greece. The only descending race is Greece! The fastest route in mountain running! The start of the pine monastery of Prophet Elias to finish the port. It is the only downhill race in Greece. The city welcomes visitors and athletes in many events in which they and participate. More details in the official Hydra’s Trail